10min Upper Body Warm-Up

This is a stretching sequence I created for people with scoliosis–but works best when paired with my "Scoliosis Strengthening Beginner Series" daily classes. Feel good in as little as 10min with my upper body stretching! This will improve your posture/scoliosis over time. Before each of my virtual classes, follow along with this routine as your daily warm-up. This is where I share the lowdown on box breathing, which I find not only very healing, but also invigorating for the spine. Getting used to daily Box Breathing will seriously help you along your quest to getting stronger, buiding more vigor, and developing a healthier back...all without the need for gym equipment! 🙌🏽🤗

And if you don't want to undergo surgery like me, but you still want to help correct your spine the natural way, then you're on the right page! This is why I created this series "The Magic of Tinkering with Your Scoliosis Frame". But of course, I also highly recommend this for people without scoliosis! Because movement is medicine and if you are sitting all day for work or school, these stretches and classes are perfect for you!

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