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Rainbow Challenge

Rainbow Challenge

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For your peace of mind :)

The Nitty-Gritty


I aim to create everything from non-toxic materials as much as possible for health (safety) reasons.

🪵 Wooden pieces are all non-toxic and made in the USA. I made sure to pick raw wood or untreated with harmful stains. The dark areas of the wooden parts are due to laser cuts from scorching - easily removable with mild soap & water if you stain your hands/skin.

🧶 All my yarns are made of cotton or cotton blend and color treated with non-harmful dyes. These are recycled textiles that would otherwise be discarded from factories.

Yarns are sourced from different countries:
🇺🇦 Ukraine
🇹🇷 Turkey
🇱🇻 Latvia
🇷🇺 Russia

Crystals are sourced from different countries:
🇭🇰 Hong Kong
🇮🇳 Japiur, India
🇨🇳 China

Jewelries are sourced from different countries:
🇺🇸 USA
🇨🇳 China
🇳🇱 Netherlands

🔨 All other hardware materials such as metal clasps, custom tags, etc. are sourced from multiple countries:
🇺🇸 USA
🇨🇳 China
🇻🇪 Venezuela
🇳🇱 Netherlands


The sizes seen in inches above are based from the hoop's metal of choice. Depending on your selection, please note that the actual size of your order will turn out to be a few millimeters bigger in diameter upon adding the macrame cord to each hoop.

Care Instructions

All cotton made materials are safe to be washed inside a laundry bag. However, if you purchase a multi-colored product, I cannot guarantee that colors won't bleed. This is going to depend on how harsh the dishwashing detergent you are using, or maybe the speed cycle of your washing machine, etc. Be mindful with the metal attached to it as well. Wash at your own risk.

I suggest a damp cloth or a sprinkle of baking soda, sprayed with white vinegar to remove marks or stains on the bags/yarns.

Please do not wash accessories like earrings etc.


I strive to use non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable and recyclable packaging materials. Although I cannot guarantee this 100%, the boxes I use to ship your orders are all manufactured with no coating that can harm the environment when recycled. The tapes you'll see in your orders are made from water-activated adhesive that is also considered non-toxic and non-harmful for our ecosystem upon recycling.

As an Eco-Alliance Member, with each order I place with NoIssue, you & I help contribute to global reforestation one tree at a time.


Wordlwide shipping available! Yay!

🚚 FREE U.S. SHIPPING for a minimum of $50 total purchase from all Georgina Sasha handmade creations. Except Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories outside of the 48 contiguous states.

✈️ INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is subject to shipping costs depending on your country. The cost will be based on the weight of the item you are purchasing and your country. Please refer to checkout page for exact shipping costs upon entering your shipping address.

Please note that additional customs taxes & duties might apply depending on your country. These regulations are out of the U.S. scope therefore, I will not be liable to any charges made after you've made your purchase.

No Return Policy

I truly want you to treasure and love your purchase from my meticulously crafted pieces! But I apologize if I am not able to accept returns and exchanges of any Georgina Sasha handmade creations for now.

However, I will accept refunds for proven damaged goods via sending me a photo within the 3-day period upon receipt of receiving your package.

Returns are not applicable due to the nature of my creations being intricately made one by one, especially if it's a custom order.

  • Step 1: CREATE

    Upon receiving your order, I will schedule it for production right away! Please allow 1-5 days for me to finish your custom piece. This will always depend on how much order I receive daily.

  • Step 2: SANITIZE

    Upon finishing your custom order and before packing, it's important for me to sanitize it using my HomeSoap UV Sanitizer. This device kills 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, etc. using UV-C light.

    How it works? 
  • Step 3: PACK & SHIP

    Now that I'm confident with your germ-free-order, time to pack and schedule for shipping! Yay! You will receive email notifications throughout the process. So make sure to keep an eye out!