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  • Beginner Yoga

    I gotchu! Here, you'll find all the beginner-friendly yoga classes. Complicated poses will have modifications so don't fret!

  • Advanced Yoga

    If you're looking for some challenging yoga vinyasa flows, you're at the right place! This is where you'll find all my advanced classes for free!

  • Backbend Flows

    Correct your posture from too much sitting and feel good with these classes. A blend of beginner and advanced back bend classes you'll see here.

  • Scoliosis Love

    Helping all scoliosis warriors like me! These classes are designed specifically for all people with scolio-backs. To help straighten the back as we build muscles to support the spine. Gentle enough to perform daily and also what I recommend to all beginners!

  • Free Flows

    My favorite flows! These are all organic classes, meaning, I didn't write or plan the sequence but just hopped on my mat and hit the record button. Mainly an add-on to your structured practice to just move & flow away.

  • Yoga For Strength

    A mixture of beginner and advanced classes will be seen here. Definitely focused on strength-based yoga practice. Prepare to sweat and get your workout in!

  • Husband Edition

    The flows in this playlist are all special requests from my husband. These are the type of strength workout that he loves and flexibility moves that he needs to work on. Challenging flows and lots of twists!

  • Yoga Drills

    Welcome to your Quickie Drills! These are all short classes that are no longer than 10mins (some are even 5mins!). Feel free to pair these with any yoga practice.

  • Wrist-Free Flows

    No chaturanga, no planks. No pressure on the wrists. Perfect for when you are trying to alleviate wrist pain, or wanting to get a break from all the pressure we put on our wrists.

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