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Georgina Sasha

✦ The Minimalist ✦ Crystal Nuggets Double Sided Leaf Hand Chain

✦ The Minimalist ✦ Crystal Nuggets Double Sided Leaf Hand Chain

Trio crystals of your choice with tiny iridescent beads, paired with our double sided 14K leaf chain that has a 3D effect, and doubles as a non-scratchy chain for your hands or neck. ✨

☁︎ Amethyst (as seen in photos) is known to be "the all purpose stone" that activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition, and enhances psychic abilities. Definitely an instant favorite due to its stunning lilac tone. Reap the benefits of a clear mind, calmness, peace, and serene vibrations. It's also a protective stone that offers multiple spiritual benefits. Furthermore, amethyst helps combat negativity of stress and anxiety hence so many people meditate with it just to clear their minds of pessimism and disturbing thoughts.

You will receive tumbled, nugget-shaped amethyst quartz crystals (or crystal of choice). Crystals are expected to be unique in shape, color, and size for each custom order, as that's the nature of real crystalline quartz. Colors may range from deep violet to pale lilac.

✦ 14K gold plated double sided leaf chain, non-tarnish (e-coat) over brass
✦ February birthstone 
2-in-1: hand chain + necklace 
✦ custom made to fit your own hand 

Wrist Measurement Guide: 

Wrist Size Circumference
small 4.5in - 5.5in
average 5.6in - 6.5in
 large above 6.6in
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For your peace of mind :)

The Nitty-Gritty


All the pieces you'll see in my shop are tested to withstand daily chores such as washing dishes, swimming in a non-chlorine pool, bath soak with epsom salt + baking soda, regular shower, and even sweaty yoga practice.

But like any other jewelry that are not pure gold, you still want to take care of them to keep them from tarnishing and looking brand new all the time.

To give you an idea on overall quality of my jewelry pieces, you can refer to below.

Sparkling Shine:

All PVD stainless steel - these have smooth to matte finish, not shiny, not glossy, not sparkly

Gold-filled - glossy finish

Gold-plated e-coat - glossy finish



All PVD stainless steel


Gold-plated e-coat



All PVD stainless steel - can withstand elements upto 98%

Gold-filled - will slightly react or oxidize in rare instances of extreme sulfide exposure, but due to its thick gold layer compared to plated pieces, it can withstand chemicals longer

Gold-plated e-coat - can turn black with perfumes or any harsh chemicals like setting sprays, hair sprays, etc. but these are so much better compared to the old plating that will chip easily, since modern plating has improved through the years


Wear & Tear:

All PVD stainless steel


Gold-plated e-coat

Care Instructions

After getting soaked in water with harsh chemicals such as:
⋅ chlorine water/pool
⋅ salt water
⋅ water with high-mineral content

✦ You always want to wash your jewelry in warm water and dry them using a soft, clean cloth.

✦ For a deep clean, you can use water and a mild soap without harsh chemicals (typically, all natural and plant-based soaps are great) and dry immediately with a clean, soft cloth.

✦ Always store your earrings in a cool, dry place.

✦ Suggestions for humid weather, you can add a silica gel packets in a box together with your jewelry to help absorb the moisture and help keep it dry.


You will receive a plastic-free-everything. This was a top priority for my rebranding overhaul. And because I am highly sensitive to chemicals, you have my assurance that your order is free from any harmful fragrance, no scented anything, no toxic perfumes.

My packaging materials are either made of non-toxic, eco-friendly, sustainable, compostable, reusable and/or recyclable materials.

For more info and complete details, feel free to learn how I package every order here.


Wordlwide shipping available! Yay!

🚚 FREE U.S. SHIPPING over $100


For complete shipping info and promos, click here.

Return Policy

Ready to ship items are returnable. :)

The downside, all earrings and custom made orders are non-returnable but negotiable.

I truly want you to treasure and love your purchase from my meticulously crafted pieces. But because your satisfaction means so much to me, we can always work things out.

Please read my Return Policy here.